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I am making a love shelf with Addie and Tori. I have learned that you need to cut out certain lengths of wood or it will be all messed up. You need to figure out where you are planning to put it up because you might make it to small or to big.  You need to have your materials all together or you will not be able to make this shelf without them. They all need to be cut the same length or they will not come together perfectly or correctly. You can pick what ever color you want to paint your love shelf. If you want it to look like old wood you need to have navy blue, black, and grey. But really you can do what ever color you prefer.  I have learned about myself as a learner because I did not think it would be hard and take so much time to make a shelf. I also did not think that you had to cut the wood perfectly or it will not go together. It takes patience and work to get this love shelf done correctly. I know I will have a hard time cutting the wood because it is dangerous and it will be hard to cut it perfectly. Also having patience because I do not have any of that.  Since we are in a group it may be hard to get all together because someone might be busy that day. One of the easy things is going to be painting. I like to paint and I think it will be fun. This week we should probably start gathering our materials and found out whose gonna do what.

love shelf

Iowa State College Visit

The best part of the trip was to learn about where everything was and why that was there and just looking around seeing everyone outside. I was surprised when the lady told us that there was a place for college students to eat very cheap. You could eat anything and it was only like 5 dollars. There is also a small court in this place and it’s all ran by college students! There’s another place where teachers that work there that have kids can drop them off at this place on campus where students can watch them and play with them for classes like a child development or teaching. I would not go here just because I don’t really like the Cyclones and I want to venture out more than just at Iowa State. I saw a lot of people walking, running, riding bikes, and skateboards. There was a bunch a grass areas where students could go and hangout and there was a lot of people. There’s also this one place where if you step on this area of ground you are cursed and will do bad on your next test! So no students really cross that area! To enter in this college you must have at least a C average in all your academic college level courses, a 3.55 GPA score, including a 1145 SAT score or either a ACT, and application requirements. They offer 800 student organizations! They are known for the best school spirit and Basketball!




Genius Hour

My idea for the Genius Hour is making a fleece blanket. I have never made one before and I am excited to learn how to make one. My mom, grandma, and sister have all made one. They all said it’s a little hard but finishing it all by your self is awesome. It is important to me because I can learn how to make something totally on my own. I can also give them to friends and family for a present or even people that don’t have anything like the homeless. My little cousin Jade has always wanted one but nobody has time to make one lately so I would like to make one and give her one! My goals for this project is to make a fleece blanket for myself correctly and maybe make more to give the to others. I will measure my goals by writing down everything I have accomplished that day and what I will need to do the next day. I would like to have this blanket made soon so maybe I could start another topic.

Spring Break

My spring break was very busy. On Sunday we had to all meet at the Fort Dodge Senior Highschool to get on the bus and leave for Washington D.C. We were not going to be home till Friday afternoon. So all Sunday we road down there. It took 22 hours to get  to Washington D.C. We stopped many times to eat and take rest stops. I slept on the floor because my sister said that’s the best spot you’re gonna get. It was very crowded! But we got through the night and it was Monday and we finally arrived in Washington D.C! We started touring right when we got there. The first stop was the Capitol. It was very high security and we learned many facts but it wasn’t that fun. I learned that you cannot sit in the Capital because it was disrespectful and kind of protesting. We saw many Cherry Blossom Trees. We went to the Wax Museum, World War 2 Monument, and the Arlington Cemetery. The wax Museum we saw lots of presidents and famous people, they looked so real! The World War 2 was really pretty! I found our state Iowa. There was a wall full of stars about 400,000 and 1 star meant 100 people have who died in war. The Arlington Cemetery was filled with peoples graves who have died in war to be honored. You had to meet certain standards to be buried there. We saw a the Changing of the Guard also.  They were so focused and all moved together. We went  the Lincoln Memorial and it was so pretty. We went at night so the view so amazing. Then we went to the Vietnam War Memorial and there was just so much names. My friends great great grandpa was in the war so we looked for his name and we found it! She was very happy after. One of my favorites was the Holocaust Museum. There was so much to see and learn. The last day we saw the Washington Monument and we got to go all the way to the top. The view was so pretty and we could see the White House! Once we were all done it was time to go home! I learned so much but was happy to go back home.

ARLINGTON, VA - MAY 27:  A member of the U.S. Army Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), salutes after placing a flag on a grave stone at Arlington National Cemetary May 27, 2004 in Arlington, Virginia. An event called "Flags In" takes place before every Memorial Day weekend in honor of those veterans who have lost their lives.  (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, VA -A member of the U.S. Army Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), salutes after placing a flag on a grave stone at Arlington National Cemetery May 27, 2004 in Arlington, Virginia.



Week 7

Nature can be beautiful at times but also dangerous. Floods can be very dangerous depending how much rain we get and the weather. Floods mainly happen in New Orleans, Southern Florida, and the Manhattan section of New York City. Floods often bring walls of water 10 to 15 feet high and just a few inches of rain can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.  Floods are very common and in the past 5 years all states in the United States have experienced flash floods or floods. A car can easily be carried away with water as high of 2 feet.  The difference of a flood and a flash flood is a flood is not as bad as a flash flood and they don’t have much danger to them. A flash flood means its serious and there’s going to be a lot of water. Floods can damage bridges, roads and other transportation. Buildings, cars and houses can be left saturated or completely taken by the waters. While sewage systems and electrity can be destroyed. The Yellow River in China has had the four deadliest flash floods in  world history. The floods of 1931 resulted in 1 to 4 million people being killed. A flood is mainly a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are combined by water or mud. Floods can help cause hurricanes, outdated or clogged drainage systems, and a lot of rainfall. I live in the woods near a crick and during the end of fall it starts to rain a lot and it goes up to my trampoline and we end up tying it up to a tree. When it floods it sinks into the ground and goes into my basement and one year it was very high and started running down my walls slowly. We cannot go near the crick because its very dangerous.

Week 6

Bailee is 13 years old. Her blog is mainly about sports and her favorite holidays and just other things you may not know about her. She did really good with pictures. She made then big and bold.

Maddy is 13 years old. Her blog talks about Halloween and swimming and her family. Her blog is pretty and she decorated it well.

Sara is 13 years old and she talks about dance and not just the traditional dance her team does street theme. Right now her team is working on a hip hop dance. I really like how she worded her words there different.

Alyssa is 13 years old and she talks about Peru, popular food, how she celabrates Halloween, someone who has passed, and herself. I like how she has a lot of post. Alyssa229.edublogs

Dakota is 13 years old and his blog is about food, Halloween, family, and tornados. I really like how he writes a lot instead of just a few sentences.

Sydney is 14 years old and she talks about food, dragons, Halloween, herself, and the internet. I like how she writes about all different things not related things.

Johnathon is 13 years old and he talks about Halloween and himself. I like how he decorates his blog.

Hailey is 14 years old and she talks about soccer and fourwheelers. I like how she uses pictures for most of her bloggings.

Katie is 14 years old and she talks about herself, bullies, Halloween, and food, I like her blog and how she decorted it.

Mary Pat is 14 years old. She talks about family, food, and success, I like like how she has emotion into her writing.




Raise Your Voice

Yes, I have been inspired of someones actions that I don’t know. I was in town walking by Target and there was a man and a child who  were sitting there with a sign asking for money or food. My mom and I were not that far from the doors and this woman stopped and pulled out $5 dollars and looked at it then looked at the man and gave him the money and he said thank you so much and she just smiled and walked away. I was inspired because you can always help someone out no matter who it is and it was just a very nice thing to do.

Week 4 Activity 3

My family celebrates Halloween every year.  All the kids get dressed in their costumes and we go to my aunts mom and dads house and we grill out and sit by the fire for a little bit. We eat hot dogs and hamburgers and they always try to make it look like disgusting like they made our hot dogs look like chameleons and the ketchup was brown.  After we eat and hangout for a bit the kids go trick or treating. Once its over we go back to the house and check our candy and talk for a bit and then head home.

Activity 1 Week 3


My favorite time spending with my family is carving pumpkins. It’s fun for our family because we try to think of creative ideas to carve our pumpkins and we laugh when the inside gets all over us or even how the pumpkin feels. We just carved pumpkins last weekend and it was very fun to do.  We always get the seeds out and bake them too and there good to eat. I can’t wait to carve pumpkins next year and I cant see what ideas we will come up with.

Activity 3

Im going to create a list people may not know about me. I like to play soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics. I go to Ames for gymnastics twice a week! I like to go outside with my neighbor and we will play volleyball, softball, or we go on my trampoline. My favorite football team is Iowa Hawkeyes. I love animals! I have a sister Maddie Porrez and a brother Max Bishop.

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